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Welcome to EXPath Tool

EXPath Tool is an online system for the pathway annotation, visualization, and comparative analysis of user-customized gene expression profiles. These can help to infer the metabolic pathways of any organism under various conditions. The gene expression profiles derived from microarray platforms or next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology. Besides the basic search of genes and pathways, EXPath Tool allows users to execute analysis of differentially expression genes (DEGs), coexpression, and enrichment of KEGG pathways and gene ontology (GO) terms. To obtain the high-quality analytical results presented by a user-friendly interface, users just need to upload their own datasets.

Citation: H.Q. Zheng, N.Y. Wu, C.N. Chow, K.C. Tseng, C.H. Chien, Y.C. Hung, G.Z. Li, W.C. Chang* (2017) EXPath tool-a system for comprehensively analyzing regulatory pathways and coexpression networks from high-throughput transcriptome data, DNA Research, 24(4):page371-375.

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